Brent, Amy, Matt, Michael,Ellie, Brandon

Saturday, April 16, 2011


..So we when we read scriptures together, for Michael's turn he just repeats after me. Sometimes he'll change what I say or he'll add extra words, (most times we let it slide unless it's terribly inappropriate) sometimes it turns into a teaching moment. For instance in Alma we were reading about Korihor and how he demanded a sign from Alma, so I say "Korihor was struck dumb," Michael repeats "Korihor was struck dumb..and stupid"

I say, "Michael!!"

he says, " ..what, dumb is stupid."

(teaching moment!)

I say, "Michael, in the scriptures it means like if mom, (I put hands over my mouth for a moment) can't talk, then I would be called dumb."

Michael gives me a very serious look and says solemnly, "Mom....I would never call you dumb."

(sigh) "Thank you Michael."

I guess I can agree that Korihor was dumb and.....stupid.