Brent, Amy, Matt, Michael,Ellie, Brandon

Saturday, April 16, 2011


..So we when we read scriptures together, for Michael's turn he just repeats after me. Sometimes he'll change what I say or he'll add extra words, (most times we let it slide unless it's terribly inappropriate) sometimes it turns into a teaching moment. For instance in Alma we were reading about Korihor and how he demanded a sign from Alma, so I say "Korihor was struck dumb," Michael repeats "Korihor was struck dumb..and stupid"

I say, "Michael!!"

he says, " ..what, dumb is stupid."

(teaching moment!)

I say, "Michael, in the scriptures it means like if mom, (I put hands over my mouth for a moment) can't talk, then I would be called dumb."

Michael gives me a very serious look and says solemnly, "Mom....I would never call you dumb."

(sigh) "Thank you Michael."

I guess I can agree that Korihor was dumb and.....stupid.

Monday, March 28, 2011

About Time!

It's been a long winter-again-I know. We've been busy and kids are healthy and growing. Brandon is taking violin and piano lessons, and will be a senior next year. He's pretty popular with the girls, and is enjoying his friends. He works part-time after school for us doing the bread. Matthew is taking violin lessons and enjoying boy scouts. Ellie is in ballet and loves kindergarten. Michael...Michael..has changed his name to Rover, much to our dismay, has started putting Rover at the top of his paper in preschool. We told his teacher NOT to call him Rover. We never know what to expect when he prays, right now you'd hear.. "Please help us to always choose the right...not the left." The kids need to play outside, we try to be creative but sometimes it backfires, example: the other day I found play money so I told them to go downstairs and play "store". Everyone was mad at Ellie because she took everybody's things and held them for ransom, Matthew came upstairs in only his underwear, he claimed that Michael bought all his clothes. We pretty much skipped Family Home Evening tonight, got through scriptures and the melt down began. Ellie didn't want Michael hugging her and was crying because I wouldn't let her suck on my arm. Matt was acting out so Brent threatened to undo his bellybutton which he said (in his words) "your butt is going to fall off". This made Matthew hysterical, completely refused to calm down, until we said it was time for cookies. The upside to getting a new calling in Relief Society is that I am reminded everyday that I am incredibly blessed, I see the trials of the sisters in my ward, and they have it all (health, financial, marital, spiritual) huge makes me want to just hug these crazy kids as long as they'll let me. So sorry for going so long without any posts, we're still here and when I have the patience, I'll load some new pictures.