Brent, Amy, Matt, Michael,Ellie, Brandon

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best Friends

We had the best week!! Matthew was in heaven because of Isaac. Our house feels sad and empty without Isaac, Eliza and Smith. We can't wait to see them again.

Michael's haircut....

After many, many months of pleading, Michael finally let us cut his hair. It was torture for all of us, but probably worth it. Brent had to promise to take him golfing, (and the real golf, not mini!). We can't get over how small his head is!!

Ellie's lemonade party!

We kicked off summer with a Lemonade/Garden party. Ellie enjoyed having her cousin Eliza all the way from California to visit. Thanks again to Dave for the awesome pics.

Brandon has a good group of friends. They had a great time at Prom and many thanks to Dave for the great pics.