Brent, Amy, Matt, Michael,Ellie, Brandon

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This has been a great year for the Butler family. Here are some random pictures from this year, the professional looking ones were taken by cousin Dave. We look forward to all the things to come in 2010. Matthew will be getting baptized, Ellie will start kindergarten, and hopefully Brandon will be getting his driver's license. We have been incredibly blessed and wish all of our friends and family a wonderful New Year.

This may be one reason the blog does not get updated so often, when he's not on the wii, he's usually on the computer.

Ellie and Monica, or the Pink Ladybug and Snowwhite

Ellie participated in two Nutcrackers this winter, as a snowflake and as a chinese dancer.

Michael turned 3 this summer, and by the way, he loves golf.

we found a baby bird in the yard.